German-English Translations

Would you like to have a document translated, present a multilingual website, or publish an academic article? Would you like to translate a contract or a technical handbook? Whether you would like to produce an impeccable marketing brochure or a detailed offer in either English or German, I can provide you with a professional and competent translation.



I am a native speaker of English. I was born in London and grew up in Ireland, where I studied History at Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin). I have lived in Germany since 1996, and I studied Business Administration at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh (distance learning) before completing my GDS (German as a foreign language) qualification at the Goethe Institut / Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich with the highest score.


In May 2011 I attained a Diploma in Translation (Dipl. Trans.) from the Chartered Institute of Linguists in London with "merit".



My previous positions include running the British Bookshop in Berlin from 1998-2001, Trade Officer for Her Majesty's Foreign Office at the British Consulate-General in Hamburg from 2001-2004, and as Import Director for Libri GmbH, Europe's leading book wholesaler, from 2004-2008.



During all this time, and in these various positions of employment, I carried out numerous and varied translations between German and English, from market reports to websites and contracts.  In 2008 I decided to turn my passion for translation into my full-time occupation, and am now a very happy freelance translator!


What can I offer?


  • Complete fluency in English (my native language) and excellent mastery of German, having attained the highest grade in the GDS, the most advanced German language qualification available
  • An elegant and accessible writing style, with a fine eye for detail
  • An education in the arts, in business and in the German language
  • Professional experience in the area of marketing, sales, purchasing, retail and wholesale, finance, human resources, negotiation, contract-making, strategic planning, international trade and promotion
  • Cultural experience of living in Germany – Berlin and then Hamburg – since 1996
  • A long-standing record of offering excellent translation services to many satisfied customers
  • Creativity in solving problems, professionalism in implementing tasks, reliability in delivering on time and flexibility in dealing with my customers' needs

How can I help you?

Academic Translations


  • Doctoral theses and dissertations
  • Research papers and academic articles
  • Essays and scientific publications
  • Summaries and abstracts
  • Powerpoint presentations



Marketing & Export Translations


  • Business reports
  • Promotional material & Public Relations
  • Resumes and personal data sheets
  • Press releases
  • Business cards and catalogues
  • Import-Export documents
  • Product presentations for your target market
  • Market research, opinion research
  • Logistics, Wholesale, Retail trade
  • Covering letters and application documents
  • E-mail correspondence


Website translation


  • Translation of your complete web presence and corresponding databases
  • Translation of extracted websites as doc, xls, pdf, rtf
  • Translation of graphic elements such as gif, jpg, Flash


Editing and Proofreading


  • Complete, line-by-line examination of previously translated texts
  • Comparisons of translations with the original text
  • Correction of punctuation and orthography
  • Improvements to style and fluency

Let me translate for you!